Webinar: Your March 1st Mailing: How To Do It & What To Do Next

Date & Time: March 23, 2016 at 12 noon CST

Overview: This webinar covers the basics of setting up, sending, and managing the PT March 1st Mailing process through EXXAT STEPS. Although we will talk specifically about the M1M, this information also applies to any Bulk Slot Request Mailing.


  • Viewing What Your Sites Did or Did Not Offer
    • Sites That Entered Slots at “Other” Locations
    • Sites That Offered You Slots
    • Sites That Offered You No Slots
    • Sites That Might be Able to Offer Slots Later
    • Slots That Are Listed As Pending
  • Managing Responses
    • Uploading A Paper Form
    • Confirming a Slot
    • Cancelling a Slot
    • Managing First Come First Serve (FCFS) Slots

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