PT & OT Wishlists Plus Autoplacements

Date & Time: This webinar is over.

Overview: This webinar covers PT and OT Wishlists and Autoplacements


  • Setting up the wishlist rounds
  • Setting the view date, start date, end date, min and max slot selection
  • Selecting students
  • Adding questions to the wishlist
  • Multiple Wishlist Rounds vs Extending the Wishlist Deadline
  • Uploading Resumes
  • Wishlist from the Student Module
  • What dos the student see?
  • What are all the icons ?
  • What information on each site/slot can the student see?
  • Can students view evaluations?
  • Unsubmitting wishlists
  • Wishlists and the Placement Form
  • Wishlists and Autoplacments

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