Webinar: PA & Nursing Wishlists Plus Autoplacements

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Overview: This webinar covers Wishlists and Autoplacements for PA and Nursing programs and other programs who place students by class.


Setting up the Wishlist rounds
Setting the view date, start date, end date, minimum and maximum slot selection
Selecting students
Adding questions to the Wishlist
Core Setting Wishlist
Selecting a site in the Core Setting
Elective Wishlist
Questionnaire-based Wishlist
How to view Wishlist Reports
How to view Wishlist data from Placement Form
Multiple Wishlist Rounds vs Extending the Wishlist Deadline
Uploading Resumes
Wishlist from the Student Module
What dos the student see?
What are all the icons?
What information on each site/slot can the student see?
Can students view evaluations?
Unsubmitting Wishlists
Wishlists and the Placement Form
Wishlists and Autoplacements

Watch the Recording