Webinar: Figuring out Student Module Configuration August 3, 2016

Date & Time: August 3, 2016 at 10-11 am PDT (1 pm EDT)

Overview: The Student Module is the main way in which your students will interact with EXXAT STEPS. It’s vitally important for admins to set up their Student Module to reflect the specific needs of their own school. Because each school is unique, our Student Module allows for a lot of customization. This webinar will cover all aspects of setting up and configuring your student profile to suit the needs of your school.

Setting Up the Student Profiles

  1. Required Clinicals
  2. Clinical Questionnaire
  3. Required Documents
  4. Site view of Student Profile

Setting Up the Tabs on the Left Menu

  1. School Course and School Course Documents
  2. Student Packet
  3. FAQ
  4. Quick Links
  5. Contact Person

Communicating with Students

  1. Dashboard Messages
  2. Page Instructions

Watch the Recording