AutoNotifications are Here!

list icon Even when we think we’re on top of things, deadlines and important events can still pass us by. Limit surprise expired contracts or preceptors who never fill out their evals with new AutoNotifications. EXXAT STEPS now allows you to set up a variety of automated notification emails to help you, your clinics, and your students stay on top of important information and deadlines. You can choose which notifications you’d like to use and also customize who receives the notifications, and when and at what intervals the notifications are sent. The system will then generate the emails as they are required.

  1. Document Status Notification: Notifies students about required documents that are expired, about to expire, or overdue.
  1. Incomplete Placement To Do Tasks Notification: Notifies School of incomplete Student To Do Tasks.
  1. Overdue Preceptor Evaluation Notification: Notifies the School of overdue Preceptor Evaluations.
  1. Student Leave Notification: Notifies the School whenever a student enters a leave in the system.
  1. Site Slot Notification: Notifies the School whenever a Site adds and saves a slot in the system.
  1. Site Contract Expiration Notification: Notifies the School prior to the expiration of a site contract.
  1. Wishlist Notification: Notifies Students when a Wishlist becomes available to fill out and before a Wishlist window expires.

Contact the Exxat Team to set up your AutoNotifications today!

Version 2.0 Is Up And Running!

We are proud to announce the successful launch of EXXAT STEPS 2.0!

This version is the result of years of learning about the needs of Clinical Education programs, amazing feedback from our users, and hundreds of hours of work by our India Team. Version 2.0 really is the best, most user-friendly, intuitive, and powerful system we could build.

We’re extra excited about these features:

  • Quick Search and Advanced Search. Finding what you need is easier than ever.
  • Admin Side make-over featuring pretty colors and a more intuitive interface.
  • New reports that make your data meaningful.
  • A Parent Concept that allows you to manage groups of sites all together.
  • Instruction boxes on all Admin Pages to guide you along.

With so much that’s new, you may want to check out our video tutorials on the system. Our technical support team will also be hard at work answering your emails and questions.

We welcome your feedback, so keep it coming!

Here is the India team waiting for the system to launch after so much hard work!