Setting Up the Student Profile:

Site View of Student Profile


One of the strengths of EXXAT STEPS is the ability for you or your students to easily share their Profile with sites. However, you will probably be collecting more information than you want to share with the sites. The Site View of Student Profile contains only that information relevant to sites. During onboarding, the Exxat Team will set up your Site View of Student Profile. However, you can edit the view at any time by following these instructions.

  1. On the Configuration page, select on Configuration for Site Student View from the Advanced Options box.

  1. The Configure Student Profile for Site View page will appear. You can then set each element of the student profile to Yes to share with Sites or to No to Not Share with sites.

    1. Additional Settings contains Student Image, Immunization Information, Uploaded Documents and Required Clinicals. You can set each item individually.

    1. Personal Information contains all of the student personal data. You can choose if the entire section should be visible to the sites, and/or you can set each item individually.

    1. For the remaining sections, you can designate if the entire section is visible to the clinical sites or not. This includes the addresses, emergency contact, education history, employment history, clinical education questionnaire, language proficiency, honors and publications, and completed placements.

  1. When you are finished, scroll down to the bottom and click on save changes.