Setting Up the Student Profile:

Required Documents


Required Documents are a key component of the Student Profile. Once students have uploaded their documents, these documents are easily shared through the system with sites.

During Onboarding, the Exxat Team will set up your Required Documents section per your specifications. You can make changes at any time by following these instructions.

  1. From the Configuration page, click on Required Documents from the Batch Set-Up Box.

  1. To add a new required document, click on the green Add New button, or to edit an existing one, click on the green pencil.

  1. The add or edit box will appear.

  1. Set the following information or criteria:

    1. The name of the Require Document.

    2. Is Required (mandatory) should be turned on if this document is something your students are required to upload.

    3. Review Required (by school) should be turned on if the item requires your approval

    4. Has Expiry Date, should be turned on if this document has an expiration date (such as with a CPR certification or tDaP vaccination).

    5. Active should be turned on you want this required document to be visible currently.

    6. Share with Site (through student profile link) should be turned on if you want this document to be visible to the clinical site when they receive the student profile link.

    7. Common Batch Document (uploaded by school) should be turned on if this is a document that you will be uploading for the students and is the same for every student (as in, it is not individualized with their names).

    8. Student level document (uploaded by school) should be turned on if this is a document that you will be uploading that is individualized for each student.

    9. In the Batches section, check the boxes for each of the batches that this requirement applies to.

    10. In the template view section, you may upload a template document as a sample for your students and view any templates that you have already opened.

  1. When you have finished editing this section, click on the Save and Close button. Your changes have been saved.

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