Setting Up the Student Module:

Tutorial Documents


Your EXXAT STEPS Student Module comes with tutorial videos and documents to help your students use the system. However, you can add additional documents at any time. The Tutorial documents are available in the Tutorials section of the Student Module.

To add a new Tutorial document, follow these steps.

  1. From the Configuration page, select Tutorial Documents from the School Configuration box.

  1. A list of the current tutorial documents will appear. To add a new document, click the Add New Tutorial Document button.

  1. The Add Tutorial Document box will appear. Add the document name, upload it, write a description, and choose a category for the document. To show the document to your students, check Share with Student. To share with your public website, check Share with School.

  1. Click Save & Close.

  1. You may reorder the tutorials using the arrows. Save the ranks when you are satisfied with the order. Please note that you cannot move documents between categories here. You will need change the category by editing the document individually.

  1. To edit a document, click on the green pencil. To delete a document, click on the red ‘X’.

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