Setting Up the Student Module:

The Student Dashboard Message


When students first enter the system, they are brought to the dashboard. The dashboard is designed to make all information easily accessible to students. The dashboard message is a way to share current information with your students. It shows up near the top of the dashboard and is one of the first things that they see when they log in.

To add, edit, or delete a dashboard message, follow these instructions.

  1. From the Configuration page, select Dashboard Message from the Batch Set Up. Please note that messages are unique to each batch of students and will need to be set up separately for each batch.

  1. The Dashboard Messages box will appear. Your batches are listed to the left and any dashboard messages you have for the currently selected batch on the right. Just click on the name of a batch to view the corresponding dashboard message.

  1. To add or edit the dashboard message, type your message in the Note For Student box and click Save Changes. To remove the dashboard message, click the Clear button.

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