SettingUp the Student Module:

School Courses & School Course Documents


The EXXAT STEPS Student Module puts all information at your students’ fingertips—including basic course information and documents, such as syllabi and readings.

You may add or edit course information at any time by following these instructions.

  1. From the Configuration page, select School Courses from the Student Module box.

  1. To add a course, click on the Add New Course button.

  1. This will open up the add or edit window.

  1. Fill in the name, course code, details, number of credits, the duration, and the semester of the course. Items marked with an asterisk are required.

  1. To make the course and its documents visible to your students, make sure to set Show to Students in Student Module to on.

  1. To show the course and its documents on your public website, set Show on Public Site to on. For more information on our public sites, please refer to the Help Center.

  1. Click on Save and Close.

To add documents for individual courses, follow these instructions.

  1. From the Configuration page, select School Course Documents from the Student Module box.

  1. This will bring up a page with your courses and any documents you’ve already uploaded. Click on the add new course document button.

  1. This will bring up the add or edit documents box. You can fill in the document’s name, describe it, upload it, and choose which course it belongs to.
    Please note that you must first add the course under School Courses before you can add documents to that course.

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