Step by EXXAT STEPS: Getting Started with Exxat, part 1

At Cohere 2016 in Phoenix, we were lucky to have some of our early adopters speak about their experiences with Exxat’s products. One key takeaway was that a slow transition process can help programs ease into making the most out of EXXAT STEPS.

Here’s a closer look at what Angela Binsfeld, PT, DPT, and Associate Director of Clinical Education in the Physical Therapy Program at the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse, had to say.

The Importance of Clean Data

Like any software that depends on data, “Exxat is only as good as the data that you have in it. So if you have outdated data [. . .] or email addresses that don’t work anymore, then the system is not going to be as effective.” Switching to EXXAT STEPS gave UW-La Crosse the opportunity to evaluate their data and its accuracy.

The Exxat Team recommends clients provide clean data in order to make the most out of EXXAT STEPS. After your initial onboarding, make sure to keep your data up to date. Afterall, what good is a fast email when it doesn’t reach its destination?

Wishlists & Autoplacements

With Autoplacements, the Exxat Team uses a sophisticated algorithm to make over 1 million calculations, arriving at the most optimized placements for your students. This process takes just hours and can save days and even weeks of work over manually placing students. The basis of the Autoplacements process is the student wishlist. The better the wishlists, the better the placements. (For more about Autoplacements, click here and here.)

UW-La Crosse takes advantage of time saved to coach and mentor students before they fill out wishlists. By helping students make good choices at the wishlist stage, the Clinical Education team lays the foundation for optimized placements, which has saved time and reduced stress overall.

CI Info

EXXAT STEPS helps UW-La Crosse stay organized on a day to day basis throughout the clinical experience. On the first day of each rotation, UW-La Crosse students fill out their Clinical Instructor Information form right in the system using their To Do List. Then Binsfeld runs a report, prints it, and keeps the spreadsheet at her desk throughout the rotation. This report can also be used to transfer data into CPI. In this way, EXXAT STEPS supports a variety of routine tasks.

Words of Wisdom

Our most successful clients take their time to really learn the system and rely on the tools we provide for help. UW – La Crosse recommends this approach, too. Here is some of Binsfeld’s best advice:

“You don’t have to use all the features right away. Give yourself time to get comfortable with the system.”

“Let the system work for you. Figure out what parts of it are really important for your school and start there.”

“Use your friends at Exxat to help you with questions and troubleshooting.”

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