Setting Up the Student Profile:

Required Clinicals


The Required Clinicals section of the student profile shows your students which graduation requirements for clinical education they have completed. A check mark indicates completed clinicals and an ‘X’ indicates clinicals that have not yet been completed. When you set this up for your students, you’ll designate which settings satisfy which requirements. Your list will be unique to your school.

Here’s how to configure the Required Clinicals section.

  1. On the Configuration page, click on Profile – Required Clinicals from the gray Student Module box.

  1. To add a new required clinical, click on the green add new button. To edit any of the current required clinicals, click on the green pencil.

  1. The Add or Edit Required Clinicals box will be displayed. Enter or Edit the name of the requirement and a short label for it and make sure to set Is Active to On so that the it will be active.

  1. Then click on the boxes next to the settings that fulfill this requirement. Your list will be unique to your program. Settings in tan are not clickable.

  1. When you’ve finished entering or editing the information, click the Save & Close button.

  1. If you wish to change the order of the clinicals, you may use these up or down arrows. Once you are satisfied with the order, click save rank.

  1. If you wish to delete a clinical, click on the red X. The system will prompt you to confirm you wish to delete. Make sure not to delete anything you need.

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