Setting Up the Student Profile:

Quick Links


EXXAT STEPS allows you to put a variety of information at your students’ fingertips, all in one place. Quick Links is a simple way for you to share useful web links with your students. Quick Links can be found on the Student Module.

During Onboarding, the Exxat Team may set up your Quick Links to your specifications. You can add, change, or delete links at any time by following these instructions.

  1. From the Configuration page, select Quick Links from the Student Module box.

  1. This will bring up a list of your current Quick Links. To add a new link, click the Add New button.

  1. The Add New Quick Link box will be displayed. Enter the name, a brief description and the URL. To share with students, set Show to Students in Student Module to on. To
    share on your public site, set Share on Public Site to on.

  1. Click Save & Close.

  1. You may reorder links using the arrows. Save the ranks when you are satisfied with the order.

  1. To edit a link, click on the green pencil. To delete a link, click on the red X.

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