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Spring conference season is in full swing! We’ll be at the Spring Meeting of AACN next week and we hope to see you there. Join Kristen Huizenga and Seirra Fred in the exhibit hall on March 19th and 20th.

If you are already a client, we can’t wait to chat. If you’re not a client, we’d love to show why Exxat’s Nursing Program numbers keep increasing.

Check out our 2016 Conference and Event Schedule

AACN Spring Meeting: March 19-20 in Washington, DC
CAPCSD: March 30-April 2 in San Antonio, TX
AOTA: April 7-9 in Chicago, IL
COHERE PA User Conference: May 19-20 in Philadelphia
AACP Annual Conference: July 23-27 in Anaheim, CA

ELC & PT User Conference: October 7-9 in Phoenix, AZ
PAEA & PA User Conference: Oct. 12-16 in Minneapolis, MN
AACN Fall Meeting: Oct. 29-Nov. 1st in Washington, DC