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A website for us

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We’ve updated our website! We hope you like it. The newly designed site is not only prettier and easier to use, but it will offer you all kinds of new features and support.

  • Our new blog is searchable, making it so much easier to find what you’re looking for.
  • We’ll be expanding what our blog covers. In addition to news and events, you’ll see ongoing training posts and posts relevant to clinical educators like yourself.
  • You can register for Weekly Webinars to help you expand your Exxat knowledge.
  • A reference section will be filled with instructional documents and other useful tools for our users.
  • For new clients, check out FAQs and Products for everything you need to know before you get Exxat.

    And a website for our users!

Since we got a new website, we think it’s only fair to give one to our users, too. The new public website option allows you to easily share documents and information from our system with people who don’t have a login of their own. It’s perfect for CIs, CCCEs and other clinical personnel–as well as for students when they’ve forgotten their login.

You can share:

  • Syllabus Documents
  • General Documents
  • Quick Links
  • Your Clinical Education Team Contact Information
  • Our Technical Support Page

As with all Exxat products, you decide what to share based on the needs of your program. Your site will be customized with your logo. Then you add each element simply by checking a box.

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To set up your own Exxat Public Website, email us at It will take a day or so for us to set up the feature for you and then you can add what you want.

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