Keeping your Exxat Desktop Clean

clean your screen

One of the first cleaning lessons we learn is to put things away. This is good practice in life and at Exxat, we think it’s good practice on the screen. We’ve spent a lot of time designing our products to help you focus on what’s important. Here’s how EXXAT STEPS keeps your desktop clean.

Dashboard: EXXAT STEPS is a big system. The dashboard gives you a summary of your most important information and doesn’t clutter things up. For example, expiring or expired documents appear in red and you can easily click on the report for details. Plus you can control which batches and years appear on your dashboard. Send graduating batches packing using the drop down menu along the left side of the batch dashboard.

Favorites: Play favorites and find what you need fast! To favorite a site, student, or clinic, simply click the gray star to the left of the name and turn it into a yellow star. Then filter your list for favorites. No more scrolling through long lists to find what you’re looking for. Easily unfavorite (Is that a word? We think so.) by unclicking the yellow star.

Mark as Inactive: This is the ultimate method of putting something away. For example, you can make a clinic you no longer work with Inactive. EXXAT STEPS defaults to showing only Active items, so once you make something Inactive,  you won’t see it. However, if you do need to see an Inactive item, you can easily filter for Inactive clinics.

Now if only we could unfavorite the clutter around our homes to make it disappear!