Exxat Cares India Trip 2017

Exxat Cares is the charitable arm of Exxat. We are proud to prioritize charitable giving and service as a company and for our employees.

In addition to financial contributions to various causes, we have developed a relationship with Apla Ghar, an orphanage near our India Office in Pune. Our India Team visits frequently and provides various support to the children.

Now we’re ready to invite our clients to join us. We had a preliminary discussion of this at Cohere Phoenix. We are thrilled to launch our first Exxat Cares India Trip, open to clinical educators who are Exxat clients and their students. You have played a defining role in what we do every day and we could not be more proud to share this with you.

Exxat Cares India Trip 2017 will be a 10-day trip to India to provide needed basic medical and educational services  as well as needed supplies to the Apla Ghar orphanage and the Anandwan Leprosy Clinic. We’ll also have the opportunity to visit a school for the visually impaired in Pune and to visit our Exxat India offices.

The Details

Dates: November 4 to November 14, 2017
10 Clinical Faculty Members
up to 3 Students

Exxat will cover most expenses for Clinical Faculty including:
Round-trip airfare from New York to Mumbai
Local transportation within India
Additional Food & Boarding

Clinical Faculty are encouraged to provide:
Travel to and from New York
$500 donation

We can take 3 students on this trip. Students must cover their own expenses including airfare and local travel, food, and boarding expenses. (Approximately $2000-$3000, details to follow) Please let us know if you would like to announce this to your students and we will work with you on planning.


  • Conduct medical camps providing exams to children and adults
  • Provide education on personal and dental hygiene
  • Perform and verify vaccinations
  • Provide first aid and CPR lessons
  • Read to children
  • Play with children

Supply Drive
We will also conduct a supply drive for these items (more details coming):

  • Walkers, Cane, Braces, Personal Care items, Basic Clothes (in all sizes), sandals, shoes, basic medicines (pain killers and antibiotics), toiletries, blankets and other medical supplies
  • Toys for children

If you are interested in participating, please send a message to kunal.vaishnav@exxat.com by Friday, February 24, 2017.

We look forward to this adventure with you.

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