Vivek Bohra

Business Analyst

Vivek joined Exxat in December 2016. He was prompted to join because of its growth in a relatively short time span. His role at Exxat is a Business Analyst. As a business analyst he is responsible for understanding the Nursing domain and ensuring that the client’s requirements are understood and developed accurately and efficiently.

He hopes to be able to share a favorite project in the near future. His proudest moment was when he joined the company. Out of the four core values, he relates with all of them as he believes they are very much related to each other. His favorite quote is, “Be the best version of yourself.” If given a chance, he would like to be a bit of all the good qualities from everyone he meets plus the best version of himself.

A unique fact about Vivek is that he is a bathroom dancer. A career lesson he has learned at Exxat is that every day is a new learning day. His advice to prospective candidates is to be humble and honest in yourself and in your work and let Exxat take care of the rest. His motto is to stay positive and be happy.

In his spare time he enjoys eating, listening to music, traveling, and sleeping.