Utkarsha Saswadkar

Business Analyst

Utkarsha joined Exxat in August 2016. She was prompted to join the company when she saw the bar graphs and charts that Aarti drew during her interview. Her role at Exxat is Business Analyst. In this capacity, she promotes a healthy work culture in the office, offers client assistance with the products and figures out if client requests for enhancements to the products are feasible.

Utkarsha’s favorite project thus far has been working with clients such as Shenandoah and Lemoyne Universities since they regularly raise requests that help the Exxat team update their system to fulfill their needs. She also enjoys working with MountUnion, Drexel and Slippery Rock Universities since she feels she’s developed a friendly relationship with them. Her proudest moment at Exxat was when the 5-6 training on Punctuation turned out to be a success. Out of the four core values, she most relates with Relationships. She holds this value closely as she believes in the long run, it’s our people that really matter. If given a chance, she would like to be a sage for a day whose been practicing meditation for years and stay in the Himalayas until she attains self-realization.

A unique fact about Utkarsha is that she loves to sing when she’s alone in the kitchen. She also loves smiling when no one’s around. Some career lessons she has learned while at Exxat is how to foster relationships, be responsible for her actions, manage positive pressure, and make friends. Her advice to prospective candidates is to be yourself, play your part in the team, learn constantly, pursue your hobbies, and smile more. She would like to thank the company for providing the employees with everything they never asked for.