Tabish Khan

QA Engineer

Tabish joined Exxat in January 2017. He was prompted to join because of the positivity he felt on the day of his interview. His role at Exxat is Associate QA Engineer.

His favorite project is contract systems and the student module. His proudest moment at Exxat is simply being a member of the company itself. Out of the four core values, he most closely relates with Advancement. His favorite quote is, “What goes around comes around.” If given a chance, he would like to be a lecturer at Exxat giving knowledge to people about how to maintain a healthy work environment.

A unique fact about Tabish is that he is a good observer. A career lesson he has learned working at Exxat is to always look for opportunities. His advice to prospective candidates is to always stay positive.

In his spare time he enjoys updating himself on the latest technologies.