Suvarna Shinde

Junior Software Developer

Suvarna started working at Exxat in January 2015. This was her first job and she was looking for the best opportunities. She believes that Exxat gave her a golden opportunity to grow in her career ladder and be more skillful in her profession. Her role at Exxat is Data Team Lead.

Her favorite project has been EXXAT STEPS since this comprises most of her time. When she started the project she was the only one and now she has grown her team to seven people. Her proudest moment was when she was nominated for the Pat on the Back Award and also won an iPad in the internal contest. Out of the four core values, she most closely relates with Responsibility. She was given a responsibility to guide a team of three and believes she did her best. Her favorite quote is, “Don’t call it a dream, call it a plan.” If given a chance, she would like to be her mother for a day.

A unique fact about Suvarna is that she enjoys being free and selfless when contributing to a noble cause. A career lesson she has learned is to “grab an opportunity and make the most of it. Give 100% and you shall have what you desire.” Her advice to prospective candidates is that work is worship. No work is too small or too big. One can definitely learn something with every project you take on. Her motto is, Do Good and good will come to you. In her spare time she enjoys dancing.