Shraddha Javheri

Junior QA Engineer

Shraddha joined Exxat in February 2016. She was prompted to join Exxat because of the ample opportunities to learn and grow in a friendly environment. Her role in the company is Junior software tester

Her favorite project was nursing and the March 1st mailing. Though she found it challenging, she worked collaboratively with the developers and learned about the functional requirements, coding challenges, and managing issues and design. She found working with the team to be a wonderful experience. She also enjoys supporting the Development and QA team. Her proudest moment in the company was when Vaibhav congratulated her for her testing effects at the front of the office, soon after launching the March 1st mailing. This was especially satisfying since it was only her 2nd week in the office. Her favorite quote is, “I can do it.” If given a chance, she would like to be a client relationship manager for a day.

A unique fact about Shraddha is that she has a positive attitude. While at Exxat, she has learned to help others become the best version of themselves. Her motto is, “Always keep smiling.” She enjoys singing and drawing in her spare time.