Seirra Fred

Sales Representative

Seirra Fred joined Exxat in April 2016. She was inspired to join Exxat after meeting Aarti and Jennifer Thomas. She felt that the upbeat culture of Exxat along with her desire to travel and meet clients prompted her to join the company. Her role at Exxat is primarily that of a Sales Rep but she also does a bit of on-boarding of new employees as well as some support when needed.

Her favorite moment at Exxat has been seeing the growth in clients over the past couple of years. Coincidentally, the value she most relates to in Exxat is “Relationships”, as she believes that is the key to growing bonds with clients and one another.

An interesting fact about Seirra is that she once auditioned for “The Voice” and “American Idol”. A career lesson she has learned while working at Exxat is that the key to being successful is to be organized. Her motto is simple: Live. Laugh. Love.