Sanit Lune

Junior Software Developer

Sanit started working at Exxat in September 2015. He was prompted to work at Exxat because during his interview with Exxat, he was amazed with the story of how Exxat was started and how they were making their way into the US market with their formidable product. The idea of being part of a start-up was exciting for him and wanted to contribute to Exxat’s success story. His role at Exxat is to assist the clients and the US Team with day to day tasks.

His favorite project at Exxat is the March 1st mailing. His proudest moment at Exxat was when he got a chance to anchor Exxat’s Second Anniversary program. Out of the four core values he most closely relates with Advancement. His favorite quote is, “If you cannot die for something, at least live for something!” If given a chance he would like to be M.S. Dhoni for a day; his favorite cricketer.

A unique fact about Sanit is that he is a leapling. He was born on a leap day, February 29, 1992. Once in four years. Some career lessons he has learned are how to work in a team, and that one should always be open to opportunities and be flexible in their work preferences. His advice to prospective candidates is that Exxat provide s a very good platform for one’s development. His motto is, “One life, one body, make the maximum of it.”

In his spare time he enjoys playing, watching cricket, reading newspapers and books, and listening to music.