Sameer Bhaise

Junior Software Developer

Sameer joined Exxat in August 2015. He was prompted to work at Exxat because he liked the work culture, found it to be a supportive environment, and believes that there are lots of opportunities to prove the skills we have. His role at Exxat is Software Programmer.

His favorite project at Exxat is the Staff admin module and job scheduler. His proudest moment at Exxat is when he finished his first project, ‘Staff Admin’. Out of the four core values, he most relates with Advancement and Responsibility. His favorite quote is, “The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.” If given a chance, he would like to be a better version of himself.

A unique fact about Sameer is that he works hard when he laughs because if he doesn’t he snorts. Some career lessons he has learned working at Exxat are to pay attention to small things, attitude is more important than output, always look for new ways to learn, use your manners, know and own your role, and don’t get discouraged when problems arise. His personal mantra is, “3b’s ‘ Breath-Believe-Battle.

In his spare time he enjoys reading blogs and playing games.