Rakhi Laddar

Project Manager, PT & OT

Rakhi joined Exxat in May 2016. She heard that Exxat had a job opening for a Project Manager through a LinkedIn posting. Her role involves assisting with all activities related to Physical and Occupational Therapies.

Rakhi’s favorite project thus far has been “The EXXAT STEPS Australia Project”. She has been associated with this from the very beginning and has advanced through various stages for the duration of the assignment. Her proudest moment at Exxat was winning the “Rockstar Rookie award”. Out of the four core values, she most relates with “Responsibility” because she believes that everyone, including herself is equally responsible for the success of the company. Her favorite quote is “Nothing is Impossible”.

An interesting fact about Rakhi is that she is an extrovert, a part time host to many public events, loves traveling, connecting with new people, trying out new things, dancing and exercising. A career lesson she has learnt is to manage things in one bracket. She advises prospective candidates who would like to work at Exxat to know that this is an organization where one can learn and grow to new heights. Her personal motto or mantra is “Go BIG, or Go HOME”. In her spare time she enjoys painting, networking, listening to music and playing the piano.