Pravin Daware

Support Lead

Pravin joined Exxat in August 2014. He was prompted to join because he was impressed by the passion of Vaibhav and Aarti for their work and felt that this was his dream company. His role at Exxat is Support Lead, handling the Support department.

His favorite project at Exxat is EXXAT STEPS because he has been working on it since the beginning and theme which is being used is nice. His proudest moment at Exxat was when he got the opportunity to lead the Support team. Out of the four core values at Exxat, he most relates with Relationships. His favorite quote is, “I will not win immediately, but definitely!” If given a chance he would like to be the Prime Minister of India for a day.

A unique fact about Pravin is that he is good at cracking jokes. A career lesson he has learned working at Exxat is to treat people equally. His advice to prospective candidates is that Exxat is like a family, be like a family member, and you will be treated like a family member. His personal motto is, “Live for others!”

In his spare time he enjoys watching the news.