Kristen Huizenga

Customer Success Representative 

Kristen joined Exxat in 2016 as a Customer Success Representative. She joined Exxat after learning about their product at a conference. She thoroughly enjoyed the conference where she discussed various issues relating to Physical Therapy programs with the Directors of Clinical Education. When she found out about the flexibility that Exxat offers such as working from home, she jumped on the opportunity.

Her favorite project so far has been onboarding and training new users of the software. She takes pleasure in hearing about how much easier Exxat makes their jobs. Kristen enjoys it when her clients move from asking product specific questions to asking about enhancements. This makes her feel that she has done her job well. Given the global nature of Exxat’s workforce, Kristen suggests that prospective candidates keep a time zone chart in their office.

A unique fact about Kristen is that she can wiggle her nose like a rabbit. A career lesson Kristen has learned during her time at Exxat is the importance of remembering peoples’ names. She credits our very own CEO, Aarti, for having this unique quality.