Bindu Nair

Customer Success Representative

Bindu joined Exxat in August 2016. She joined Exxat because she had an aspiration to work in a fast growing start-up. Her role in the company is Administrative Assistant and she assists with all the administrative related activities.

Her favorite project thus far has been the various Tableau reports that she has compiled and put together. She hopes to be able to share a favorite moment in the near future. Out of the four core values, she most closely relates with Advancement. Her favorite quote is “Less Talk. More Do.” If given a chance, she would like to be a CIA agent for day.

An interesting fact about Bindu is that she is trained in Indian Classical dance. While at Exxat she has learned the importance of teamwork. She advises prospective candidates to be open to learning new things. Her motto is to be humble, and not to pretend to be humble. In her spare time she enjoys dancing and watching TV, especially thrillers.