Avinash Pawar

Team Lead

Avinash joined Exxat in May 2016. His role at Exxat is Team Lead. In this capacity, he leads a team of 3-4 software developers who develop the modules for the software as per the client’s requirements. He is also responsible for assigning tasks within the team, answering their questions, and providing training to build a quality product. .

His favorite project has been STEPS, since he has been working on it from the beginning. He was involved in every phase of the project and learned a lot along the way. His proudest moment at Exxat was winning “Employee of the Year”. Out of the four core values, he most closely relates with “Advancement”. He has always believed in learning as learning is the most importance factor to progress through the ranks. He says, “We should learn from our mistakes to build a better tomorrow.” His favorite quote is – Stay hungry. Stay foolish – Steve Jobs.

A unique fact about Avinash is that he is open-minded and receptive to other’s views. While at Exxat he has learned the importance of teamwork, and that teamwork is the most important thing to work towards a common vision and build quality products. His advice for prospective candidates is that Exxat is the best workplace to achieve new heights in one’s career. His personal mantra is, “Be better than you were yesterday.” In his spare time he enjoys researching new programming topics and technologies.