Ankit Kabra

QA Analyst

Ankit joined Exxat in January 2015. He was prompted to work at Exxat because of its open and friendly environment along with the flexibility of working on whatever areas you are best at. His role at Exxat is QA Analyst.

His favorite project thus far has been analyzing “QAed Data or Results”. His favorite moment was when he joined the Exxat family. Out of the four core values, he most closely relates with Advancement. His favorite quote is “Make learning a habit and you will become unstoppable”. If given a chance, he would like to be a teacher for the day. A career lesson he has learned while working at Exxat is how to convey your ideas with anyone you encounter.

A unique fact about him is that he likes to create rather than searching or discovering. His advice for prospective candidates is to explore as much you can since the opportunities are endless. His motto or personal mantra is to first appreciate yourself, then expect it from others.