Abhay Thakur

Junior Software Developer

Abhay joined Exxat in May 2016. He was prompted to work at Exxat because he wanted to work in an IT company. His role at Exxat is Junior Software Developer. In this capacity, he is responsible for the development tasks assigned to him as well as assisting people with issues related to coding.

His favorite project at Exxat is working on MyRequest since it is something he can work on anytime. His proudest moment at Exxat was when his mentor and team member Rupesh Mali got a unique award named ‘Out of the Box Thinker’ that suits him well. He clapped as much as he could, more than anyone. Out of the four core values, he most closely relates with is Responsibility. His favorite quote is, “Focus on your responsibility and you will forget your excuses.” If given a chance, he would like to be Vaibhav Bora for a day.

A unique fact about Abhay is that he believes in working on himself so that he can help others. He believes that Exxat has given him a professional sense as well as the ability to take ownership for his work. In short, it has made him strong professionally and technically. His advice to prospective candidates is that once will surely learn more than just the technicalities of code, but the core values of life. His motto is that he sticks to one thing and if something has been given to him with hope, he won’t disappoint.

In his spare time he enjoys searching for the answers to the challenges he faces in his work as well as finding more efficient ways to complete his work.