ELC 2014 in Kansas City

Aarti Vaishnav and Nena Becerra are at ELC 2014 in Kansas City, MO and having a great time meeting Physical Therapy Educators. In Friday’s Plenary Session with Dr. Lynn Marie Gangone, Dean, Colorado Women’s College, University of Denver the topic of discussion was the changes ahead in higher education, “no university survive by being static” she exhorted to the assembled guests. Some of the biggest expected challenges in the coming years are, educational price increases, demographic shifts in student populations, a shift in focus to getting a “Good Enough” degree, and increased competition, making an efficient management of your students’ rotations and documentation even more important. (photo of Aarti and Nena at booth caption “ Aarti and Nena on the exhibition floor at ELC 2014

Friday night Exxat hosted a dinner at Michael Smith Kansas City, we had a great time meeting with Physical Therapy Educators and learning about their unique programs. (photos from Dinner caption “A few shots from a great evening at Michael Smith”

We hope everyone attending ELC is having a wonderful time and gaining great insights!

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