CAPSCD: Three Terrific Days

exxat-CAPCSD-conference(Guest post by Bridget Dwyer)

Jennifer Thomas and I have spent three exciting days at the 2016 CAPCSD Conference here in San Antonio. What a great opportunity to introduce our products to CSD programs! Spending the past few days with you all confirmed two things I already suspected:

#1 – Clinic Administrators are eager to find the best way to get the job done.

#2 – You were very excited to hear that Exxat will help you accomplish #1.

As a result of your requests and enthusiastic response to our products, we will immediately begin working on an Audiology component. We’ll keep you posted on the progress and will announce the launch on this blog.

If you left your name to schedule a live online demo, we’ll be contacting you soon. If you didn’t, click here to request a demo. I think you’ll be excited to see how we can help you Keep Calm and Place Students.

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