CAPCSD, Day 2 Recap

20160402_092139(guest post by Bridget Dwyer)

We had a somewhat quieter day in the Exhibitors’ Area on day 2 of the CAPCSD conference while you were all busy attending sessions on Ethics, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving and many other useful topics. The Coffee Break and Ice Cream Social were a really big hit.

Jenn Thomas and I greeted new and returning visitors throughout the day. We appreciated the opportunity to have in-depth conversations and hear more about your individual needs regarding affiliation agreements, projecting placements in advance, and tracking student clinical hours.

Several of you expressed interest in using the program for Audiology Practicum and introducing the program to other allied Health Professions that are represented in your Universities. We look forward to exploring these requests as soon as we get back to the office next week. Keep checking the website for further information!

If you haven’t had a chance to see us yet, we’re here today. And if you can’t stop by, then check out our website and take a look around. We’ll be happy to set up a demo for you at your earliest convenience.

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