(Guest post by Bridget Dwyer, MS-CCC-SLP)

BridgetatcapcsdDay 1 of the 2016 CAPCSD Conference is drawing to a close and it’s been a great success! Jennifer Thomas and I have had a wonderful time meeting and speaking to so many attendees today who embrace our mantra: Keep Calm and Place Students.

We’ve talked to lots of Clinical Directors who are very excited about Exxat’s products. I understand. When you’re window shopping at the conference and you see how simple Exxat makes managing clinical education, it’s easy to dream. But if you’re like me, then your mind is soon moving toward the question, “How do I get the University to pay for this?”

Exxat’s products are affordable, but they aren’t free. Budget constraints are a fact of life for a Clinic Administrator or Program Director. Time savings with Exxat are substantial and we all know that time is money. So much better to mentor students and foster clinic relationship then spend time on data entry and mail merges.

When I was a Clinic Director, the question wasn’t, Can we afford Exxat? It was, Can we afford NOT to have Exxat?

When I was a Clinic Director, the question wasn’t, “Can we afford Exxat?” It was, “Can we afford NOT to have Exxat?” I knew I had to convince my university that Exxat was the solution to our problem.

So how did I do it? I contacted the other health professional programs at our University and showed them why THEY also needed Exxat. Once the University saw how much time could be saved across several programs, the decision was made and the funding was approved! (Keep in mind that Exxat will discount your annual fee if more than one program at your school signs up.)

You’re creating next year’s budget now, so now is the time to set up a demo–and invite all the decision makers to sit in before your 2016-17 budgets are set in stone. Most people who see Exxat’s demo buy the products.

We’ll be at CAPCSD tomorrow and Saturday, too. If you haven’t stopped by to see us in the Vendor Area, please do. And if you want more information, our website has a lot to show you. Take a look around!

Meanwhile, enjoy the Riverwalk and the San Antonio sunshine!